Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: B CUBED 1: BORN by Jenna McCormick

Author Jenna McCormick offers a first-person story framed by a narrator’s dream.  The world she describes brings to mind a mesh between Metropolis and Blade Runner, in a time that could be the past or the present, with class struggles between feudal groups.  Borns, or landowners, use Breds, manufactured humans, to work in menial jobs, breaking them down for their parts when they’ve exhausted their usefulness.  Allora, the Overlord’s daughter, is soon to be wed, but that means she will have to give up the job she loves to become her husband’s servant.  After she catches Cormack, a Bred, with an odd journal, she makes a decision that will alter the course of both their lives.

This story is simple but fun.  At less than 120 pages long, it is a short read, feeling much like an extended short story.  I think it could have been developed further, but what the author did develop worked well.  The erotic scenes were all very tasteful, some of them possibly even a little too reserved, and I thought the characters’ chemistry was good.  Those looking for a quick, fun read will enjoy this book.

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