Genre: erotic sci-fi romance
Released: July 29, 2010
through Ravenous Romance

Also available at Amazon's Kindle Store, Sony e-Book Store, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and in trade paperback.

Content warning: contains explicit sex with graphic language and some bisexual content.

Captain Nora Bradley, fiancĂ© and First Officer Robert Smith, and crew have developed quite the reputation: their current tactical officer is an astral clone of the one they started with; a race of shape-shifting aliens currently travels the stars as an impostor “Pandora’s Hope”; and everyone is still recovering from the embarrassing and life-changing ship-wide orgy caused by their bout with the “space flu.” Worst of all, though, is that the more Nora tries to plan their wedding, the more Robert gets cold feet....

Now that the ship is back on mission, with a glorified babysitter from Space-Corp on its way, it seems that the ship-wide fun might be forced to an end—but first impressions always prove wrong on Pandora’s Hope, and the new addition to their crew, “Quality Control Officer” Patrice Jocar, might have more in common with her new peers than they think. In this second installment of the Lust in Space series, the crew of Pandora’s Hope explores more exotic intergalactic regions, picking up the most unlikely of refugees and encountering new alien species—while their wild and sexy antics continue. Will Nora and Robert’s relationship survive another excursion into deep space, or will the experience tear them apart for good?

Pandora's Hope is the first sequel to Lust in Space (below).

Genre: sci-fi/erotica
Released: January 31, 2009
through Ravenous Romance

Also available at Amazon's Kindle Store, Sony e-Book Store, and Barnes and Noble.

Content warning: contains explicit sex with graphic language, alien sex, lesbian sex, multiple partners, and a high level of kinkiness.

Captain Nora Bradley has full intentions of keeping her relationship with former classmate, and now First Officer, Robert Smith, purely professional, when she hires him. The two, along with a crew of top professionals in their fields, embark on a journey into regions of space not yet charted.

Along the way, the crew endures a space flu that puts the entire ship in fevered frenzy, alien races that change the crews’ perceptions of size, compatibility, and companionship, and hitchhiking shape-shifters that will do just about anything to keep their sensuous human forms. As the crew endures, Nora and Robert can’t help but profess their love for one another . . . but can their love survive a mix-up with the shape-shifters, the unexpected takeover of their ship, and intergalactic war?

genre: erotic romance/pulp sci-fi
Released: September 14, 2009 through Ravenous Romance
Available exclusively through HSN, in the "Escape with Romance" Paranormal Collection.  HSN sales run sold out.

"From the very first page of "Love in Space," Lisa Lane drew me into the exciting world of space travel and love with wonderful characters, an excellent writing style, and smooth, easy dialogue. Her words are soothing and gentle, and nothing is ever over-written. I enjoyed the way Lisa created strong, smart female characters, and I was fascinated by the way she slipped sensuality into believable, realistic scenes that kept me turning the pages. "Love in Space" is one of the best books in this genre I've read this year." -- erotic romance author Ryan Field

HSN recently aired its first ever "Escape with Romance" show, which featured LOVE IN SPACE, a "sweet" romantic revisiting of my erotic short novel, Lust in Space, along with several other great paperbacks. To view the beautiful romance collections available, or to watch the archived show, click here.

Love in Space is the sweet, romantic retelling of Lisa Lane's kinky and erotic space trek, Lust in Space, available through Ravenous Romance and Amazon Kindle.  Love in Space has received rave reviews across the board, and was featured at the Galaxy Express.

Genre: horrotica/romance
Released: December 21, 2008
through Ravenous Romance

Also available at Amazon's Kindle Store, Sony e-Book Store, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, Books on Board, and trade paperback

Content warning: contains explicit sex with graphic language, vampire sex with blood exchange, and an orgy.

Karen is a young woman fresh out of grad school, with just one stop left to make before beginning of the rest of her life. Agreeing to meet her family at the old summer home one last time, hoping to find some sort of closure to the estrangement between her and her paranoid and delusional father, Karen suddenly finds herself alone in the large house, in the middle of nowhere, after her family calls to report a travel delay.

Karen begins to question her own sanity when she falls victim to a vampire attack that night, recalling the similar circumstances behind her father’s psychotic break: in his delusions, however, he was the vampire hunter. The vampire returns and informs Karen that his family is using her to settle a score against her father, for killing one of their family members several years ago. The plan: present Karen, newly turned, to her recently “psychologically rehabilitated” father, and then see which one survives.

Karen manages to escape in one piece, only to embark upon a dark, virtual odyssey. Hitchhiking across the California coast, she searches for what is left of her humanity while she searches for the vampire that turned her, now set on settling a score of her own. During her journey, she finds herself taking refuge in a battered women's shelter, kidnapped by amateur demon hunters, joining a surreal nocturnal commune, and being confronted with the ethical dilemma of carrying the unborn child of a true monster....

Genre: dark fiction/erotic romance
Released: March 9, 2009
through Ravenous Romance

Also available at Amazon's Kindle Store, Sony e-Book Store, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and trade paperback

Content warning: contains explicit sex with graphic language, blood exchange, and references to homosexuality and anal penetration.

Karen's odyssey continues as she escapes from the mental hospital, after having accidentally turned another patient. She immediately finds herself running from a bounty hunter and his donor, sent by the insane commune leader, John-Michael, who has convinced himself that Karen is carrying his heir.

In the meanwhile, Karen finds herself haunted by Billy's restless spirit, his fluke death on the Astral having trapped him between planes. He visits her in her dreams, unable to accept his death ... and slowly, the dreams become nightmares as he decides he doesn't want to let her go. In a strange turn of events, lover becomes captor, foe becomes ally, love begins anew, and Karen survives her biggest challenge yet: childbirth.

Genre: horrotica/romance
Released: June 4, 2009
through Ravenous Romance
Also available through All Romance eBooks, Amazon's Kindle Store, and trade paperback.

Content warning: contains explicit sex with graphic language, and blood exchange.

Karen learns quickly that being both a mother and a vampire is no easy task, especially since her children, fraternal twins Anna and Andy, are not typical kids. Anna, although seemingly human, has the unique ability to not only travel the Astral, but also manipulate objects and people between planes. Andy also appears to be a normal human boy, but appearances prove disastrously deceiving.

With the help of her blood donor and lover, Jason, Karen does her best to offer the twins a “normal” suburban life. Despite them, Anna and Andy come into their own, exploring their family’s past . . . and the very different beings they are both slowly becoming. In the process, the author takes us on a wild ride that breaks beyond the boundaries of time and reality, sexual exploration, love and sacrifice . . . and back to the vampire commune.

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