Reviews of Lisa Lane's Erotic Works

Pandora's Hope

"The crew of the Pandora’s Hope returns for a sequel to their brilliant first outing, Lust in Space. The wonderful cast returns, mostly in its entirety, from the first book, and this sequel keeps up the strong pace of their first set of adventures. I have to admit that this is one of the most entertaining series I review, and I was really excited to find that there was a sequel to Lust in Space. I am a total sucker for a good sci-fi story, more than almost any other genre, and Lisa Lane manages to weave good plots, strong and sympathetic characters, and some hot erotica into her space opera." -- Bitten by Books (4.5 "tombstones")

Lust in Space

"Lisa Lane delivers a wonderfully intriguing, suspenseful and highly erotic romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more even after the novel ends." --Talk About My Favorite Authors (5 stars)

"Ms. Lane embraced all that we love about sci-fi fantasy and heated it up to super-nova proportions. My question for Ms. Lane is, is this a long-term mission? If so, I'm applying for a boarding pass." --Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews (4.5 "cherries" and Best Book of the Week pick)

"An erotic romp in the vein of classic science fiction, Lust in Space is a ton of fun." --Bitten by Books (4 "tombstones")

"When I saw the title “Lust In Space” I am not quite sure what I expected, but I can tell you it is not what I got. The story far exceeded my expectations. I absolutely adore where Lisa Lane took this story. It will shock you (in a good way) and keep you on your toes as to what is going to happen next. Well worth the time to read, Lust in Space falls into a must have in my book. I hope you take the time to read it for yourself." --Night Owl Reviews (4.5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick)

"The secret is that Ms. Lane has been able to harness all the cliché’s of TV Scifi, and tease them out to an entertaining place between parody and homage. Lust in Space provides a lot of fun. It gives good lift off." --Erotica Revealed (Two Thumbs Up)

The Darkness and the Night I: Blood and Coffee

"This is the first part in a trilogy, and there are enough clues as to how the action will progress to ensure those who like a bit of gore with their sexual tension will hunt down the second and third volumes." --Penthouse Forum, December 2009 Issue

"Lisa Lane has managed to combine it all into one fascinating read that defies conventional genre labeling. She's a great storyteller with a wild imagination and if you are interested in something dark and new this is a book for you." --Fang-tastic Books

The Darkness and the Night II: Cosmic Orgasm

"If you are looking for a new vampire series with a heroine that doesn’t have the easy life but keeps on going, then this is the series for you. Karen is one vampire that you won’t forget!" --Bitten by Books (4.5 "tombstones")

The Darkness and the Night III: Twins of Darkness

"Ms. Lane has managed to entice, entrap, and thrill us with her latest installment in the Darkness and Night series, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly." --Bitten by Books (5 "tombstones")

"As I’ve already said, the plot is superb, and when such a plot comes along, I always marvel at the human imagination and what it can produce." --Cerebral Reviews (4 "brainys")

"The author’s style makes for effortless reading; Lane’s novel is interesting, variable and complicated without the heaviness often associated with stories of substance, and she balances her many characters and plot lines like a master. Also, this is not your typical vampire story, and although there was enough sex to make my temperature rise, the story is not just a vehicle for eroticism." --Clayton Bye of The Deepening

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