Friday, April 9, 2010

Please Welcome Guest Blogger Roxanne Rhoads!

It is my great pleasure to have paranormal romance author Roxanne Rhoads here today as my guest. Roxanne is the brains and beauty behind the successful blog sites, Roxanne's Realm and Fang-tastic Books, and she is also a reviewer for Night Owl Reviews.

Roxanne has numerous published novels and short stories, all of which you can find information and distribution information for at her above listed websites. Without any further adieu, I give you Roxanne's inspiring and insightful contribution to the New Sensuality.

The Allure of Paranormal Romance

What is it that continually draws readers to the world of paranormal romance? Is the steamy sex scenes? The escapism of being with the Other? Or is purely the love of anything and everything paranormal?

I love the possibilities.

Books are always filled with such wonderful possibilities- especially books that have paranormal/supernatural characters.

I mostly write in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy/ paranormal erotica genres so sex always plays a big part in my stories and writing sex scenes with supernatural characters leaves the door wide open for plenty of sexual creativity and experimentation.

My characters can shoot electricity from various body parts, absorb lightning, get so hot they are literally on fire, shape shift into animals, drink blood, share energy, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless. The only thing that can’t be done is what my imagination can’t come up with.

Aside from the supernatural elements and wild magick what else is so alluring about paranormal romance? I think it is truly the allure of being with someone that is Other. Whether you are a human or a vampire having sex with a werewolf can be something extremely different. Then there’s always the forbidden appeal. We are taught to stick with our own, sometimes to the point where relationships with Others are actually forbidden by our family or society.

Yet we all long to cross the fence and be very naughty from time to time. Books offer us that option in a way where no one gets hurt. It’s a win/win situation. In my book Eternal Desire my main character LizBeth can see ghosts this leads her to a life submersed in the paranormal. While she is just a human, intimate relationships with humans become too hard because of her line of work as a hands-on parapsychologist/demon hunter. Her sexual partners- the few she has made time for- have been Other but nothing prepares her for what it is like to be with a vampire- or for how kinky ghosts can get on Halloween.

Eternal Desire was one of my favorite stories to write- filled with ghosts, vampires…and of course- steamy sex scenes. Setting the tale in New Orleans during Halloween opened the door for all kinds of myth and magick to be included.

I am offering a free pdf download of Eternal Desire to one lucky reader who leaves a comment on this post. Tell me, what would you like to see in a paranormal erotica story? More out of this world elements or just steamy sex?

Thank you so much for joining us today, Roxanne. I love your style, and I can't wait to discuss more with you and others about both the allure of paranormal romance and Eternal Desire!


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  2. I'm very excited to have you here today, Roxanne, and I apologize for the spammer.

  3. glad to be hee, not a problem spam happens

  4. I enjoy both elements, but if I had to choose, I would take the out of this world plotlines.

  5. oh I love steamy sex but I also love the fact that in paranormal there are no rules so anything can happen:)

  6. Jennifer I agree, in the realm of the paranormal anything goes.

    No need to enter me I've already read Eternal Desire (fanning myself) it's a good one ;-)

  7. I would love to have both elements in your stories. A great mix of world and sex makes great stories.

    Amy Ramsey
    Ramsey's Reviews

  8. I like good writing regardless of genre - a story that scares or thrills me, that turns me on, that creeps me out: there's nothing more fun.

    Yeah, give me a good story AND turn me on!

  9. I totally agree! I love the mesh of paranormal and romance/erotica. It really is a combination in which the possibilities are endless.

  10. I like the out of this world plotlines

    vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  11. I agree about the story- it should always come first- if the story is good who cares how much or how little sex is in it.

    Too bad exactly how much or how little sex is in the book will help definie the genre therefore sticking a label on it which can determine how many copies it sells

  12. That's a really good point, Roxanne. Depending on the reader (and sometimes the "romance camp" s/he adheres to) the amount of sex can make a huge difference. It really is too bad that said labels can affect a book's marketing in such profound ways.

    I have often wondered how differently my erotic horror series might have been received, had I written and marketed it for the straight horror audience.