Monday, July 26, 2010

Release Party Contest!

Pandora's Hope is set for release Thursday, July 29, and to celebrate I've invited the crew to help me give away a $20.00 gift certificate.

Please allow me to introduce you all to Pandora’s Hope veterans Captain Nora Bradley, First Officer Robert Smith, Tactical Officer Suxie Kasri, Navigator Geoffrey Stanton, and all three Locaru—Jim, Buzz, and Bee—as well as two new crewmembers, Quality Control Officer Patrice Jocar and Phoebe the android.

Captain Bradley: It is a pleasure!

New Sensuality: My first question is for anyone who wants to take it. Tell your audience what you think about the public reading about your (sometimes very kinky) sexcapades. Are you ever afraid that people might misidentify you as porn?

Officer Kasri: I’ll take this one. I think it’s important, firstly, to establish that we’re all about the sci-fi. We’re space explorers, and as such—

Navigator Stanton: [interrupting] We do all like to explore more than just space, though!

Captain Bradley: Can we edit this?

First Officer Smith: Leave it in—it’s very candid.

Officer Kasri: The point is that we might be open about our sexual misadventures, but we also happen to be one of the most highly talked about ships in the region: we won the Battle at Omega; we have officers who have invented amazing new uses to our best pieces of technology, we’ve mapped previously uncharted regions of space, and we’ve identified numerous new alien life forms.

New Sensuality: Officer Kasri, what has been your favorite adventure so far on Pandora’s Hope?

Officer Kasri: I would have to say that I most enjoyed encountering the Star Eaters. They were by far the most fascinating—

Captain Bradley: [interrupting] They don’t know about the Star Eaters yet.

Locaru Jim: We be allowed to talk about the new adventures yet?”

Phoebe: Does that mean I don’t get a turn to talk?

New Sensuality: Well, I don’t want any spoilers, but if you want to share a few minor details, we’d love to know.

Phoebe: I join the crew!

First Officer Smith: [under his breath] You do a hell of a lot more than that.

Officer Kasri: [under her breath] To put it mildly.

New Sensuality: I sense some slight hostility, here.

Captain Bradley: They need to get over it.

First Officer Smith: You try being put in a giant habitat by a bunch of solder-brained tin cans, and then you can tell me to get over it.

Phoebe: And a very high-grade solder, at that!

New Sensuality: Let’s shift gears and tell readers a little about our fiancĂ©es’ wedding plans. I hear you’ve been talking about exchanging your vows in beautiful Haslim space.

Captain Bradley: You heard right—although Robert gets cold feet and completely freaks me out.

First Officer Smith: At least you don’t get drunk over it, this time.

Captain Bradley: [shrugs] Live and learn.

Locaru Jim: I build the best Locaru adaption yet! People gonna love what I make for Leah!

New Sensuality: Do you feel that the crew works any more cohesively on its second mission?

Captain Bradley: Definitely. I think it takes being with a crew for at least a few good, straight months before you really know how to work with them. We all have our different ways of dealing with a given issue, and that’s something that even as captain I have to respect.

First Officer Smith: I agree.

Navigator Stanton: You also have to factor in the little bit about us being in deep, uncharted space, and how that in itself can take some getting used to.

New Sensuality: Very true, I’m sure.

Officer Jocar: [speaks with dual vocal cords] If I may, I would just like to say how glad I am to be a part of this crew. Space-Corp has these people all wrong. I thought I was jumping into the fire when I accepted the position of Pandora’s Hopes’ new “Quality Control Officer.” Really, Corporate is looking for one good reason to demote Captain Bradley, as the reports from her last mission were quite startling. How differently things can look on file....

New Sensuality: I would like to move on to some questions from our readers, and the contest I’m holding for those who would like to know more about the crew of Pandora’s Hope.

Stop by anytime this week to ask the crew your questions or leave comments. Make sure to leave some way for me to contact you, should you win. One random entrant will win their choice of either a $20.00 Amazon or Ravenous Romance gift certificate. Good luck—and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I would love to know more of your crew but i will wait to read the book.

  2. Sounds like it makes for entertaining times on board.

    Questions for crew :
    *How do you deal with personal space?
    *Do you ever get on each other's nerves?
    *Who's the funny one in the crew? the super-serious? the relaxed one?


  3. NEW SENSUALITY: Thanks for stopping by, Stacey and Anna. To answer your questions:

    *How do you deal with personal space?

    SUXIE: Whenever I want to get away, I either go to my room and listen to my old Esirian albums or retreat to Leah's bar.

    NORA: I agree that Leah's is a good place to get away for a while. Strangely, it's almost never crowded.

    *Do you ever get on each other's nerves?

    NORA: I'm constantly intervening in my crew's personal squabbles. It's one of the drawbacks to traveling long distances in an enclosed environment.

    ROBERT: We get along better than most other crews, though.

    *Who's the funny one in the crew? the super-serious? the relaxed one?

    ROBERT: Jim is our resident clown, Nora is the serious one, and I'm probably the most laid back one here.

    NORA: Is that so?

    It looks like our bridge crew is retreating for a private meeting. They'll be back to answer more of your questions soon....

  4. How did you get picked as a crew member? Any crew member can answer this one.
    Is there anything special you can do that nobody knows about? Any crew member can answer.

    Lisa this sounds like another great book.
    Sue Brandes

  5. wow seems like you get along fairly well considering... my question is is the ship run as a demcoracy or is the captains word end all be all

  6. NEW SENSUALITY: I've assembled the crew once more, although it seems that Officers Kasri and Jocar have disappeared....

    OFFICER STANTON: I'll give you one guess as to where they are.

    NEW SENSUALITY: We have some more reader questions we should take care of first.

    OFFICER SMITH: I'll take Sue's first question, "How did you get picked as a crew member?" Honestly, Nora simply couldn't live without me.

    CAPTAIN BRADLEY: {smiling} The ego shines through....

    [Group laughs. Officers Kasri and Jocar both enter, smoothing out their hair and clothes.]

    OFFICER SMITH: You know it's true.

    OFFICER KASRI: What's true?

    CAPTAIN BRADLEY: One of our readers wanted to know how we came to be the crew of Pandora's Hope.

    OFFICER KASRI: Well, I just "appeared" here one day. I was lying on the Salt Beach on Esiria, when suddenly I found myself standing in the space-bending chamber. It was horrifying, let me tell you.

    OFFICER STANTON: Never space-bend--or sleep with--and Esirian.


    NEW SENSUALITY: Let's move on to Sue's second question: "Is there anything special you can do that nobody knows about?"

    [Officers Kasri and Jocar both chuckle.]

    OFFICER STANTON: Something you two ladies care to share with the rest of us?

    [Both women shake their heads, "no."]

    NEW SENSUALITY: Moving on, then.... Jennifer asks, "is the ship run as a demcoracy or is the captains word end all be all?"

    CAPTAIN BRADLEY: I definitely have the final say, but my bridge crew does have some input in important decisions. After all, we're galaxies away from our home base and we're a community as much as we are Space-Corp employees on a mission.

    NEW SENSUALITY: That's it for now, but the crew has informed me that they will stick around for another day or so to answer any last-minute questions. Until then!

  7. Well, the crew has space-bended back into deep space and have left me with a few names to choose from a hat....