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You've been warned.

“Why won’t you just admit it?” Jia asked, taking Karen’s secrecy personally.

“Because it’s none of your business,” Karen growled. She finished the glass and
poured herself another.

“So, you’re not denying it?”

Karen set down her glass and slowly turned to the girl with a frustrated breath.
“What is it to you?”

Jia cleared her throat, her demeanor nervous and uncertain. “I want you to change me.”

Karen couldn’t help but allow a perplexed laugh to escape her as she turned away from the girl. “You’re out of your mind!”

“I don’t! You came here for a reason. I’m sure of it!” Jia continued, the rejection clearly shaking her.

Karen wanted to ask Jia why she would find such a horrific life so attractive, but instead she simply walked toward the door. As she reached the living room, Jia came upbehind her, brandishing a butcher knife.

“Stop!” Jia cried, firmly clutching the thick knife handle in one hand, pressing the far edge of the sharp blade against the wrist of the other. Tears streamed down her face.

Karen froze, fearing that Jia was capable of following through with her threat. “You don’t know what you’re doing!” Karen pleaded.

“Don’t I?” A strange smile crept across her face, and then in one quick move the blade sliced through to the bone and fell to the floor. Jia’s smile wavered as she saw the massive streams of blood leaving her with every pump of her speeding heart. She looked back at Karen with surprise and horror as her legs failed her and her sight went dim.

“Somebody, help!” Karen yelled as she ran to Jia’s side and tried to stop the bleeding with a towel. The hunger was indeed beginning to set in and the drive to take the wound to her mouth was overwhelming. But she closed her eyes and breathed through her mouth to keep from seeing and smelling the warm liquid that now covered them both.

“You can save me,” Jia cried.

“I can’t!” She wasn’t a monster, Karen reminded herself several times over. The thought was tempting just to finish the girl off, as her odds of surviving weren’t looking good. She did entertain, for only a moment, attempting to infect Jia to save her life, but Karen knew that she would hate herself even more than she already did if she were to go through it. She wouldn’t turn and unleash upon the world a confused, angry teenage vampire.

She wasn’t a monster; she would not feed off a dying child...

The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee is currently one of Amazon's top-selling erotic horror paperbacks.

"Those who like a bit of gore with their sexual tension will hunt down the second and third volumes." --PENTHOUSE FORUM, December 2009

Blood and Coffee is also available for Kindle and other e-readers.


  1. Lisa I loved this book! It was differant than most vampire books. Hard time putting it down to do other stuff.
    Sue B