Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Draws Me to Write Erotic Sci-Fi and Horror . . . with Literary Elements

One might think there would be major differences between writing space opera and crafting erotic horror, but it is what they have in common that makes both genres among my favorites to write. Take the similarities between aliens and vampires, for example. You might not think the two have much of anything in common, but consider the following:

• Since both are open to creative interpretation, the sky’s the limit on character attributes, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, beliefs, etc.
• Both allow for creative freedom in world-building and universe “rules.”
• Both create an outlet through which the author might explore the human condition.

I also happen to be a big fan of canonical literature, so I also feel compelled to write for the well-read audience. The result is my own unique brand of dark, literary erotica: multi-layered, with intricate characters and an intense reading experience.

Fang-tastic Books writes about The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee: "Lisa Lane has managed to combine it all into one fascinating read that defies conventional genre labeling. She's a great storyteller with a wild imagination and if you are interested in something dark and new this is a book for you."

Bitten by Books writes about The Darkness and the Night II: Cosmic Orgasm: “Karen is one vampire that you won’t forget!”

Cerebral Reviews writes about The Darkness and the Night III: Twins of Darkness: "As I’ve already said, the plot is superb, and when such a plot comes along, I always marvel at the human imagination and what it can produce. . . . I won’t reveal the spoiler here, but what I will say is what happens between Karen and the person ‘brought back’ gave me pause to wonder what I would do in her situation. Yes, it made me stop reading to ponder, but I see that as a good thing. A book that can make you think like that…well, it’s good, right?"

Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews writes of Lust in Space: “Ms. Lane embraced all that we love about sci-fi fantasy and heated it up to super-nova proportions. My question for Ms. Lane is, is this a long-term mission? If so, I'm applying for a boarding pass.”

I don’t write just to tell stories, but because I love words. I love crafting sentences that contain multiple meanings, creating characters that have no choice but to face their dark sides, and building worlds in which politics, religion, and hypocrisy are free domain and subject to my literary wrath (Stephen King and Kurt Vonnegut meets Scribblerus, if you will). I write because I want to leave my readers with something different, something profound or personally meaningful.

Since many of my storylines are so complex, I ask you the reader: Have either the Lust in Space books or The Darkness and the Night trilogy left you with unanswered questions, unsure about characters, or unsure about a twist? Conversely, have you found (or think you have found) any of my literary “Easter eggs” and care to share? I’d love to chat about it.

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