Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: ULTIMATE DUTY by Marva Dasef (Contains Spoilers)

When young Remy Belieux is accepted into the SemCorp's Space Service, she sees a universe of new opportunity--but she soon learns that not is all what it seems. When she infiltrates the Reformists, an anti-SemCorp insurgency group, she becomes caught between her loyalty to SemCorp and the realization that her people are nothing but glorified slaves to its power-fueled cause.

Ultimate Duty is a simple story with masterful world-building and exceptional prose. Ms. Dasef demonstrates a knack for visual description, smooth dialog, and well developed characters. Her attention to detail makes for a complex and believable universe, and her eclectic use of dystopia and future history is delightful. The erotic scenes are tasteful and well written, with a beautiful balance between explicit and closed-door romance.

I did have an issue with the Reformists' eagerness to assist Remy in rescuing her parents from their homeworld, as it did not seem believable to me that they would risk so much for two civilians who meant nothing to their cause. I also felt that they were too quick to suspect the betrayal of their most valuable mole. With that said, I must say the novela as a whole is am impressive read, one I would highly recommend to fans of space opera, sci-fi romance, and related genres.

For more information on Marva Dasef and her books, visit her website. Ultimate Duty is available through Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle.


  1. You're a fast reader, Lisa. Thanks for the excellent review.

    Interesting on your issues. I think I could have supported both those decisions better. You know how the stuff in your head doesn't always make to the page. Point well taken and appreciated. Now if I could just re-write the danged thing one more time!

    Again, thanks for the excellent review. I like your graphics showing heat level, etc. Nice.

  2. Great, thorough review, Lisa.

    Thanks for posting.
    I have read the book and enjoyed it tremendously. I got caught up in the characters, the action, and the world building. In hindsight, today I can see you are right on target. And I heartily agree that scifi lovers will enjoy the novel as much as I did.
    Good job, Lisa.

  3. It was my pleasure. ;-)

    Marva, I don't think I have any books that I wouldn't love to be able to redraft just one more time--no book is ever really "finished" in its author's eyes, lol.

  4. Thanks for the great summary - enough to peak the interest without giving anything major away.
    Ive read the story and enjoyed Remy's character. Marva has a wonderful gift with story telling!
    I agree with the rewrite-bit -- who wouldn't love to rewrite a story after its done!