Sunday, February 27, 2011

Won't You Join Me in a Pint of Esirian Ale?

Esirian Ale is deceptively intoxicating, bitter-sweet, and a lovely rose-amber in hue. Although the home planet on which it was created has long been destroyed, its legacy lives on--both throughout future Corporate space and among those who can travel beyond time and visit the Astral Bar.

This might be my toughest contest yet, but the reward is great: a signed copy of one of your choice of my currently available paperbacks.

The challenge: Name all three currently available books in which Esirian Ale is either mentioned or featured.

The first commenter to answer correctly wins. Good luck!


  1. Sorry to have sprung such a hard one on you all.

    The Answer:

    LUST IN SPACE (at the bar)

    PANDORA'S HOPE (toast between Nora and Robert)

    THE DARKNESS AND THE NIGHT 3: TWINS OF DARKNESS (when Ana visits the astral bar)