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Please Welcome Guest Author Berengaria Brown!

Today I have erotic romance author Berengaria Brown here to talk about her love of reading and the escape of erotica.  Thanks for stopping by, Berengaria!

The Joy of Reading

My father taught me to read when I was very young, and would never permit anyone to place boundaries on what I read. He always said if I understood what I was reading there was no sense in preventing me from reading it, and if I didn't understand it there was no need to stop me reading it, as I wouldn't understand it!

Consequently, I read a lot of books children my age had no idea even existed.

He even let me use his library card so I could take books out from the adult shelves at the library. Actually, by then I'd read all the children's books anyway.

I grew up reading very widely, and still read almost anything, signs in store windows, the back of the cereal box, and most genres of fiction, including romance from the sweet to the extremely kinky.

I write much the same way: paranormal (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, fairies), contemporary, Regency-set historical, ménage (MMF, MFM, FFM, MMM), male/male, lesbian, and even one man/one woman stories.

I thought “Bookish Arousal” was going to be an extremely kinky little MMF story. It turned out Fergus only wanted to give Yanni advice, not to be romantically involved. So this is the story of Yanni and Audrey--and a lot of erotic romance books.

“Bookish Arousal” Blurb:

Audrey has no trouble achieving orgasms reading erotic romance novels alone in her bed at night. Whether with her fingers or her favorite plastic friend, orgasms are assured. But her last boyfriend labeled her frigid when she failed to be aroused by sex with him.

Now she is madly in lust with a truly delicious work colleague, Yanni. But when they go to bed, nothing happens--she's devastated that, despite her lust for him, her body refuses to be aroused.

Yanni is determined to romance her until her body cooperates. Maybe some dirty sex talk--and other assistance--will get her aroused!


Yanni picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels until he came to a romance movie, which he left on with the sound turned low, then he turned her face to his and kissed her softly, just the briefest touch of his lips to hers.

She cuddled into him, so, encouraged, he feathered kisses on her nose, eyebrows and across her jawline, then sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

“Mmm,” she murmured, resting her palms against his chest.

Yanni tilted Audrey's mouth up to his and kissed her more deeply. When he licked the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. He pulled her body more firmly against his and kissed her harder, sliding his tongue around behind her teeth, licking the insides of her cheeks, tasting the roof of her mouth. Her tongue tangled with his, then she sucked on him, raising the heat between them to a higher level.

Finally they broke apart to breathe, and all the while he rubbed gentle circles on her back and murmured soft endearments against her neck before diving back in for another hot kiss. This time he sucked her tongue into his mouth, then thrust his tongue deeply into her mouth, subconsciously demonstrating what his aching cock was hoping for.

She pulled back a little from him, but before he could panic, her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. Yanni let her take the lead, reminding himself, This is all about her. Let her set the pace.

Fortunately his self-control wasn't tested too far, as she ran her palms against his skin, then tweaked his nipples, before pulling his shirt out of his pants and unbuckling his belt.

Yanni slid his hands down her back to cup her butt as she unzipped him and freed his hot, aching cock. He sighed with relief as she pulled it out of his briefs and held it firmly in her hand.

“Oh yeah, that feels good,” he said, lifting up her skirt and slipping both hands inside her panties.

She wiggled in his arms, encouraging him, so he held her ass with one hand and brought the other forward to cup her mound.

Her fingers were doing wicked things to his dick, pressing on the throbbing vein and rubbing his moisture into the head. When she ran her fingernail under the ridge between the cap and the shaft, he groaned. It felt so damn good.

He slid his longest finger into her channel. She wasn't very wet yet, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, so he teased around her entry and massaged her clit. It was warm and engorged, poking out from its protective little hood, but she still wasn't creaming much.

“Tell me what you want. What would you like me to do next? Where do you like being touched?” he whispered.

“Talk dirty to me. Tell me all the things you'd like to do to me.”

“Well, hell. What wouldn't I like to do? I want to stroke you here.” He pressed his finger into her cunt and twirled it around until he could feel her walls dampening a little.

He moved the hand on her ass until one finger could rim her rosette. “I'd like to touch you here too. Maybe even fuck you here one day.”

More cream dampened the finger in her pussy, so he slid a second finger in there and pressed his longest finger to her anus.

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  1. Thank you for inviting me over, Lisa.

  2. Holy hotness batman! Sounds great. My fiance loves when I read erotica. He get GREAT rewards.

  3. Thank you for dropping by, AJ. Lucky fiance!

  4. wow it good looking cover and hope you have more

  5. Good interview. You have a very progressive father. I'm glad to hear that he did not restrict your reading. I don't believe in censoring reading. That is how we learn. If you don't understand something and your curiosity is peaked than you'll research it until you understand it. Too many people let others opinions shape what they read. I also like that you write many different genres.

  6. I agree that literature should not be censored--and that, as "She" said, too many let others determine their reading material. I'm all for eclectic, open-minded, and smart reading.