Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Sensuality Review: RIPPING THE BODICE, by Inara LaVey

After dumping her mediocre boyfriend, avid romance reader Cassandra Devon goes on a week-long vacation with her best friend from college, Val. The story moves between Cassandra’s real-life antics and the daydreamed life of her “alter ego,” Cassandra Devereux (the story changing depending upon the book she happens to be reading at the time, and/or the situation at hand), as Cassandra fantasizes about finding her real-life tall, dark, and handsome.

Val introduces Cassandra to her friend, Connor, her cousin, Raphael, “the incarnation of all female fantasies,” and a few of their friends. Cassandra immediately begins to incorporate both men into her romance fantasies as the two take turns vying for her attention. Her preoccupation with romance novels almost costs her at chance at snagging Mr. Right, and when reality hits, Cassandra finally realizes that reality is much more intense, much more effort, and much more rewarding than fantasy.

Ripping the Bodice is a perfect mesh of fun, stimulating, smart, and provocative, paying playful homage to the classic “bodice ripper” romance with an effective and enjoyable approach. Inara LaVey’s writing style is polished and her voice is well defined and consistent. The sense of humor she portrays through her characters is delightful, making Ripping the Bodice a true page-turner. I recommend this book to fans of classic and contemporary romance alike, and I will definitely seek out more of Ms. LaVey’s work.

Ripping the Bodice is available through Ravenous Romance and HSN.


  1. I love the chart you have at the bottom of the review, Lisa. And I'm very flattered at my ratings!

  2. Love the chart, love the review, love the book!