Monday, May 10, 2010

Please Welcome Guest Author Ryan Field!

Today, M/M erotic romance author Ryan Field joins us to discuss his novel, American Star,and the issues that can arise when one veers from highly romantic to highly erotic and from serious to campy. When an author decides to take chances with his or her work, such as Ryan Field did with this one, the author also takes chances with reader reception. I'm a big advocate for taking chances, and I admire Ryan Field for those he took when writing American Star.

Mr. Field has worked in publishing for over fifteen years. He has worked as an assistant editor and editor for magazines and non-fiction publishers. Aside from his novels, his short stories have been published in anthologies and collections by Alyson Books, Cleis Press and Starbooks Press. His short story, "Down the Basement," is part of a collection of short stories in the Lambda Award winning book, BEST GAY EROTICA 2009.

Without further adieu, I present to you Mr. Ryan Field.

When readers go to the web site to look for books, they will see an author's note for one of my books, AMERICAN STAR. Due to the fact that I truly believe it's important for readers to know what they are buying (for me, it's all about the reader), I wanted to make it clear, in this author's note, that AMERICAN STAR is slightly different from my other romances on And the publisher, Holly Schmidt, was nice enough to let me do it. There was also a slight technical glitch with AMERICAN STAR that sometimes happens when formatting digital books, which I'll explain below.

This book, so there is no confusion, is not a warm, tender romance like most of my other books. I just didn't think the plot warranted being a warm, typical romance. AMERICAN STAR is, and was always supposed to be, an adult, satirical look at what might go on behind the scenes of a TV reality show like American Idol. It's very erotic, in the true sense of gay erotic fiction, and there is romance. But not the kind of romance that will leave you with wet eyes. This is more of a modern romance, between very strong men, who do not apologize for their needs and the way they live their lives. And I drew from many of my own personal experiences as a gay man to create these characters, both emotionally and sexually.

If anything, I hope AMERICAN STAR leaves readers laughing, the same way I laughed while I wrote the book. Even the sexy scenes are satirical, campy and totally unreal compared to other books I've written, like TAKE ME ALWAYS and THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE.

And, I'd also like to explain, that while formatting this book as an e-book, there was a problem with the main character's name. This happens all the time in e-publishing (so they tell me), and from what I hear it has something to do with the process of going from Word to digital format. It wasn't a problem with editing. The book was edited very carefully, just like all my other novels and stand alones, by me and two other good, experienced editors at It's the first time this happened to me, and so far, it's been the last. As digital books grow in numbers all over, these little problems seem to be disappearing.

Ryan Field


  1. I can't wait to read this've also whet my appetite for it even more by what you've said.


  2. Didn't know you were here, Ryan - I would have stopped by earlier.

    You're the most prolific writer around - geesh! You GRIND those words out, baby!

    I =SO= agree: it's all about the readers.

    As for typos-glitches, they happen in print books and e-books. It's just a fact of life. Eg, I've been in print (magazines) with my name spelled incorrectly in the byline - more than once! (Oddly, they always turn my real female name into its male counterpart - go figure.) I've had print book galleys so messed up it was horrifying... stuff happens.

    Kudos to Lisa, as always, for being such a lovely hostess!