Friday, August 26, 2011

New Release: THREE'S A CHARM

I have a new release to share with you!  Three's a Charm, edited by Lori Perkins, is a hot menage anthology that includes an amazing lineup:

"Witch in the Middle" by Roxanne Rhoads
"Banshee Nights" by Courtney Sheets
"Sensual Apparitions" by Rebecca Leigh
"Angel Blood" by Jay Di Meo
"Trick or Treat" by Alithea Howes
"Super Nova" by Yours Truly
"Mortal Passion" by Garland
"Moonlit Destination" by Trinity Blacio
"The Angels in Room 111" by Sienna Peron

About "Super Nova":
The shape-shifting Nova, mortal enemies of the Gatgars, have joined Space-Corp, and Suxie and Jocar have been sent as representatives for their planets at the installation ceremony and reception.  When a sexy bisexual and hermaphrodite are looking to spice up their relationship, what do they do?  Add a shape-shifter into the mix, of course!

Now available at Ravenous Romance.

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