Friday, September 9, 2011

Second Annual Out of This World Blog Tour

Starting next week, the second annual Out of This World Blog tour will feature ten different sci-fi and SFR authors whose recent or upcoming releases take place beyond Earth as we know it.

The lineup:

September 17
Diane Dooley at Amber Norris’ blog

September 18
Gary Starta at Melisse Aires’ blog

September 19
Frances Pauli at Diane Dooley’s blog

September 20
Amber Norris at Greta van der Rol's blog
September 21
Lilly Cain at Anne Kane’s blog

September 22
Greta van der Rol at Frances Pauli’s blog

September 23
Lisa Lane at Gary Starta’s blog

September 24
Melisse Aires at Lilly Cain’s blog

September 25
Anne Kane at Lisa Lane’s blog

Many authors will be giving away prizes to random readers, so stop by each day to check out the discussion and the SWAG.

See you there!

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